Wednesday, 9 February 2011


This morning during my constitutional walk on the Heath, I came to the realisation that to be accepted in the world of daytime strolls in the boondocks of London, a dog is a necessity. The inclusion of a lead in your attire provides a valid explanation, to the weekday women who frequent the great outdoors, as to why you are there.  The breed, size or age is of little consequence, as you possess the key unlocking the door to the secret garden of the dog walking, puppy loving and canine obsessed. Within these walls people are known by the name, breed and personality of their dog, and judged accordingly.

It is hard enough to shuffle down the path devoid of a barking companion and a poop-a-scoop, let alone have a back break on a brown bench. Today I was ever so tempted to call out to my imaginary dog, to provide the required justification for my regular presence on the Heath. A short cry to Buster my lost dog and all would be forgiven. I would be welcomed into this strange social network, no longer awkward and out of place sitting on a park bench or ambling along the avenue. Find me my lost dog!


  1. Hello :) This is the first time I've read your blog and I'm glad I did. You write very well. I just found a link to here in my favourites, must have been meaning to pay a visit for a long time.

    I have a dog myself and love how she has opened up the walking world to me, so much so that when I've been away from her I often feel it necessary to just up and walk anyway.

  2. Just buy this:

    and walk with enough confidence that every onlooker will question himself instead of you.


  3. A dog is all I look forward to post graduation. Well, not all, but it is high on the list.

  4. Funnily enough, a few years ago I found a lost dog on the Heath. His name was Buster! Really, it's true. Luckily he was microchipped and returned to his grateful owner. x

  5. I have a dog named Alma and one day when we were in the park she just ran away. I looked for her many days in a row until my friend told me that you could make a personalized poster for your Lost Dog and that could help you find it. I found Alma in a week after and I was very happy. This article can be that friend that can help someone find their loved pets.