Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Day of Dramatic Decisions

Having only been awake for but a few hours, it feels as if my whole world has changed course. My precatory proposal to my surgeon, using my limited anatomical knowledge, to attempt to avoid entering the operating theatre tomorrow has dismally failed.  It is absolutely absurd the extent to which I had convinced myself that my preposterous pitch would be successful, especially considering I am a girl who has accomplished only one year of studying medicine.

The second bullet of the day was one that should not have, by any means, been a shock. It was exactly what I had spent the interim between Christmas and New Year claiming to be my utmost desire. This interim is, by the way, a void for people requiring medical attention and my advice would be to attempt, at all costs, to abstain from procuring an illness or infection during the festive season.  My appeal for my monumental surgery to be brought sooner has come to fruition! However, my mind is now at a loss as to where even to begin its journey of cognisance and realisation. My brain appears to have partially disintegrated. It is unable to excogitate anything other than the unnecessary and superficial. These include analysing the pros and cons of my different bed-wear, in consideration of the visitors I may be encountering, excitedly contemplating the facial and pedicure I am having this evening, and admiring the amazing yellow teasub I now own, which infuses a mug with tea leaves without the need of a teapot!  A day of dramatic decisions and I am emotionally and mentally blank regarding them all. 

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