Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Magic Carpet

As the days, anchored to my mattress, increase, the resourcefulness and imagination of the people around me continues to blossom. They manage to transform my bed into a magic carpet, and I am Jasmine soaring on a magic carpet ride.

This morning my aunt, uncle and cousin were Aladdin. They directed my enchanted rug to the Tate Modern, where I leisurely drifted through the Gauguin exhibition. I became completely transfixed by the lavish, lustrous images of curvaceous Tahitian women without having to contend with jam-packed galleries overflowing with tourists. One painting in particular was completely mesmerizing. The longer I gazed at it the more somber I became. One of the Tahitian women depicted had an expression that, for some, at that point, unknown reason, resonated with me. In some esoteric way, I was looking in the mirror. After discovering that this magnificent work of art is titled “Tu es Jalousie” – “You are Jealous”, a hypothesis regarding my emotive response began to formulate.

This afternoon my magical carpet travelled on its second voyage of the day. This exciting adventure was to be accompanied by three pulchritudinous friends I have known since I was born. As delighted as I am at seeing people I care about flourish, it is also extremely difficult to watch others progress whilst you remain stagnant. “Tu es Jalousie” is, unfortunately, a perfect portrayal of a small part of me that becomes exposed when my friends fly me away on a magic carpet.

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  1. That's wonderful that you have a magic carpet that transports you to places like the Tate (wonderful art space) and other places. Having a magic carpet expands your horizons! Where will the carpet take you next? What is the experience of flying like? You possess something that your friends don't: the ability to be swept up in the magic of the moment and travel to spaces full of colour and vibrancy.
    Travel on! Many happy flights to you.