Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Power of Pretty, Personal Particulars

My bedroom, formerly nicknamed by me my "prison" or "cage" has begun to metamorphose into a sanctuary of pretty, personal particulars. I have begun to accumulate a series of magnificent objects that remind me of people I love and who care for me, of my own achievements and of aspirations still presently unaccomplished. 

As I glance around my room, my eyes cannot help but linger on two beautiful bouquets. Of course no girl needs flowers, but they do have an inexplicable way of not only warming a room, but warming the individual they have been given to. Behind these alluring expressions of nature's diversity are cards, notes, books and DVDs written, lent or bought for me by friends and family. These superficial items surrounding me are constant reminders of the people who are looking out for me, who know me and my interests and who are trying to make this experience more manageable. Although I may be imprisoned through immobility, instead of this room feeling like a cage it is beginning to feel like a haven. 

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