Friday, 10 December 2010

Nurturing Nurses

I have spent the last two days in hospital and find it utterly humiliating and embarrassing to be completely reliant on other people to the extent that I require assistance to roll over in bed. It is not easy to ring the buzzer for umpteenth time in an hour for help with a necessary and yet extremely basic task. However, this unease and adversity to call for aid was greatly alleviated by the demeanour of the fantastic nurses who were looking after me. Every time they entered my room, they acted as if I were their only patient, and anything I asked of them, they carried out as if they wanted to, rather than had to. I never felt as if they executed any of the more unpleasant tasks begrudgingly. This ability to make every patient feel like they are their main priority is an aspect of these nurses' disposition, which I find completely admirable. They are truly nurturing nurses. 

This quality, of making an individual feel like they are of the utmost importance and that your attention is solely dedicated to them, is one that is prevalent in all fields of life. The teachers who inspire every pupil and who pupils genuinely feel want them to achieve their best. The friends who, when you meet up with, are not distracted by their phone or others, the ones who cling to every word you say. The employers who make time for all of their employees. Most individuals are busy and naturally have mountains on their mind at all times. Yet, there are some who can appear to concentrate completely on the person they are spending time with, independent of how busy they may be. The ones who encourage and inspire the people they are with. For some people, I believe this is a natural quality of their being. It is a molecule of their makeup. However, for many, this is something one must strive for and work at. We all have the "nurturing nurse" within us, we must just find it and find our way of expressing it. 

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